Important message about Identity Theft & the VA

Recently the Wichita VA put out a message telling employees that when applying for a loan for a car or apartment or other purchase where the creditor wants verification of your employment and/or income to set them up with a 3rd party website called "The Work Number" and give the creditor your social security number. The "3rd party" is one of the major credit bureaus.

Don't do it! One thing you should NEVER do is give a car salesman or anyone else you don't know your social security number! If they tell you they need it, they're lying. There are other ways to verify the information, it just takes a little more work for the creditor. If they insist they have to have your social security number, walk away. The only people that need your social security number is the IRS, your employer, Social Security, Medicare and possibly your bank. Not car salesmen !

There's actually a website where you can look up most federal employees and see their income. It doesn't show congress or a few other choice agencies (CIA, FBI, etc.). You can search by their name or narrow your search by putting in a location or agency.  


CLICK HERE  To go to the website


When it's that easy, don't risk your credit or identity !